Thursday, 2 May 2013

Final presentation and cinematic

In week 12 I presented my final presentation and cinematic. These were the slides I presented and my final cinematic.

I recapped the scene I was working on and also noted some of the key changes of my scene from alpha to its final stage.

I then discussed my success and issues that I faced in the project. In particular I reflected that I was very pleased that I had replicated the scene well and that my high to low poly workflow was a success. I explain my issues with time management and the problems that caused me to fall behind.

I presented my final cinematic and then followed what I had learned from creating the environment and what I would like to improve it. I expressed that I was very fond of the scene and that carrying it on was definitely my intention.

At the end of my presentation I answered some questions and received some feedback. Overall I think that the final presentation went really well.  I was told I had put in a good effort and again don’t think that I received any negative feedback.

I will be continuing creating this scene and will keep my progress updated on my website.

Feel free to follow my progress.

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