Sunday, 21 April 2013

Prop and texture improvements

As the final hand in was quickly approaching I needed to really increase the amount of ruin and mess that was on the floor. I began to pose the skeletons I had created into crumpled positions on the floor which I could then scatter around the level as corpses. I created some variations by positioning the bones and started placing them around the level and also built a corpse pile out of them which began to make the level look a lot more filled and less spacious.

Maya Corpse variations

Corpses scattered around the level

I felt like a lot of my models textures were looking bare and dull in comparison to the stone texture I had made so I updated some of my textures and also quickly created some normal maps for them using the xNormal plug-in. This greatly improved the look of my scene and I was really beginning to grow proud of it.

Updated props
Updated props

The final tweaks to my level that I made were lighting changes to better replicate the original image reference and also vertex painting to add some variation on my models. To do this I created another tiling texture and then set this up in my master material which then allowed me to vertex paint on my meshes.

Lighting added to surrounding walls
Vertex painting on static meshes
Master stone tiled material with vertex painting parameters added

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