Friday, 25 January 2013

Blocking out

Today I started blocking out my environment. So far it has proved very difficult. This is because I have not been able to get reference for certain parts of the environment. It has been very hard to try and get certain pillars and platforms to all fit together properly. Many of these issues that I have with the environment are not clearly seen in the scene so at the moment, I am having to guess how things need to be placed together best I can.

So far this is my block out progress,

This is a main screenshot of how the scene is coming together. As you can see the scene consists of many modular pieces that all fit together. Fortunately I am able to mirror my scene quickly and build the other half since it is very symmetrical. I will however have to take into account important aspects of the environment that have structural damages that break this symmetry. Currently it has proved difficult to make sure all of the pieces fit together properly. This is because I am trying to measure everything by eye. I have been very unlucky in finding strong enough reference that allow me to see the correct heights of certain parts of the scene. The main area that has proved awkward to replicate so far is the back pillars that bridge to the main walls next to the well. It seems that if I change the heigh of the walls to match my reference, then the bridge that leads to the pillars is too high which in turn means I have to raise the height of the platforms and stairs. This causes the rest of the scene to look too big. This is something that I need to focus on so that I am happy with the overall scale of the scene before pressing on too far into development.

These are the main modular pieces in my scene that I can duplicate and edit to build the environment. Currently these I believe are roughly the correct scale so once I get the rest of the scene pieces to match up with these assets, I can begin adding detail to them and progress.

This is the well and the tomb stone that play key focal points in my scene. Once again, these need to be scaled perfectly to the rest of the scene so that everything looks correct.

This is a top down view of my scene so far. Like I previously mentioned, the scene has been mirrored over. This will save me a great amount of time in the long run since my scene is so modular. I will have the luxury of spending time focusing on creating assets and props to fill the scene.

Whilst working I like to constantly keep a back up of any pieces that I am working on, a mesh palette so to speak. Here I duplicate many variations of the same mesh that I have edited so that if the change doesn't work or a previous mesh was better optimised, then I have the backup at hand that I can get to very quickly as opposed to finding the save file that the mesh I need was in.