Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More blocking out

I have pretty much got my scene blocked out now. I have all the main pieces where they need to be (scaled correctly too I believe). I have edited my geometry so that the modular pieces hold the detail they need to be recognised as part of the original scene. I have a few updates to make on the roof of the scene and the bridge arch's that hold the roof up but other than that the block out is complete. I am quite happy with the block out. I think the basic block out replicates the scene from the movie and I can now progress with sculpting, poly painting, texturing and modelling the props to fill the scene with.

Below are the screenshots of my block out as it stands now.

Over the course of the project, I have also created more modular pieces that I have been able to use for my scene. All the models in the screenshot below are used to build the scene on one side and then mirror over to the next. I hope to sculpt some variations of these models so that I can have the same modular pieces with noticeable differences so that the scene doesn't look to similar.

Below are a few screenshots of how I have assembled and edited the modular pieces. These should work well for sculpting on but I will have to greatly edit the geometry afterwards to obtain optimised low poly meshes.

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