Friday, 25 January 2013


Gathering reference for this scene has been incredibly difficult. While searching for reference I could mainly only find images from this scene that depict the action sequences between the cave troll, orcs and the fellowship. The reference I need however is of the actual structure and layout of the environment. I managed to collect some images of floor plans and models for table top games that people have made but these were all inaccurate and did not follow the same look as the film. I turned my attention to how the scene was made in video games based on the movie but again, these were also inaccurate and at times not even remotely to scale. Luckily however, I own the film on Blu-Ray so I was able to play the sequence through many times over, pause and screenshots of any angles that showed me the layout of the environment.

Below is a link to Dropbox that features all of the reference material that I will be using for the creation of my environment.