Friday, 8 February 2013

High poly modular work

After the planning presentation I began to focus on creating the modular aspects of the level. I started importing some of my models into Zbrush to work on the high poly meshes. I found a good set of custom brushes that allowed me to easily apply cracks and structural damages. I did at first use spotlight in Zbrush to texture the models but after a while became aware of inconsistencies in both the resolution of the quality and the scale. This happened from not always having the reference images to the same sizes whilst poly painting which easily happened between working on different files. I will focus on texturing these outside of Zbrush once I have some more of the high poly models completed. Below are some images of high poly models I created whilst working in Zbrush.

I also had some trouble compromising over the geometry of the low poly models. The single pillar for example was at first around 2500 tris which I was advised was quite high for a game mesh whereas a drastically reduced version was less than a hundred tris. The model however just couldn't display the detail I needed it to from the normal map so I ended up altering the geometry until it was 1902 tris which I was happy with since it would be close to my camera shots.

Original low poly at 2508 tris
Final low poly version 1902 tris

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