Saturday, 2 February 2013

Concept and Planning presentation

Next week is the first milestone for this project. Here we must present a concept and planning presentation of the scenes we have been working on.

So first, I needed to get my scene into UDK to render out a block out fly through video. I tried at first to quickly just import my scene grouped together but I was getting many issues both with lighting and for some reason my mesh was stretching too (which I am still yet to find out why). I ended up trying to do things properly and importing each piece in individually which in the long run was quite time consuming but I found that I had several issues with the face normals on a few of my models which I had to correct. Once all the pieces were imported into UDK I rebuilt my scene and placed a few lights within the environment. At the moment I have some lighting issues a few of my meshes. This I presume and expect is due to the fact that I have not fully UV'd and lightmapped my models which I will do when I begin texturing them. Some of these issues however were fixed after making sure the face normals of certain meshes were all the correct way.

Below is a screenshot of my block out within UDK.

Once I had set up a camera and a basic fly through of roughly how I wanted to show the environment I rendered the cinematic and then begun to put some slides together for the presentation. Below are the slides from my presentation and what I roughly said during each of them.

Over the first two slides I explained where the scene was from and why I had chosen to do it. I explained that I thought the scene had fantastic atmosphere and that combined with the lighting of the room and the way the props gave such incredible detail to the scene. Part of the criteria requires me to justify how this scene could work as a game level. I explained that it would play well as a small arena death match level, suitably in first person.

I went on to discuss the reference I have been using which has primarily been gathered from a high resolution copy of the movie that I have taken screenshots of key areas in the scene. Due to lack of reference that shows good set layouts of the scene, I explained that I had looked at reference from games that the scene is featured in, as well as models used for table top games.

During this slide I explained that much of my scene is built up of modular pieces which allow me to focus the majority of my time creating the props that will help bring the scene to life (despite the scene itself being rather lifeless). I then showed the fly through of my block out.

As the fly through of my block out played, I explained that as I begin to populate and add more detail to the scene, I will get a much clearer idea of how I want the final fly though to look.

I then went on to explain how I was planning to accomplish this week by week. I explained that I would try to populate my scene quickly and then try to get my lighting nailed down ready for the alpha presentation in week 8. I mentioned my key focuses being very important to try as these would be what is going to best represent the scene itself and add realism.

I then answered some questions about my presentation. The main question I was asked was about how comfortable I was creating the high poly models for my scene which I replied I was fairly confident in doing as I have been using Z-Brush much more frequently over the past few months and have really began to use it more in my work flow. I was told that lighting really must be a strong focus of mine in the scene as it really is key in nailing down the scene. This I will really try on as I really wish to try and do the movie scene justice by replicating it best I can. Other than that I was mainly given pointers and advice about how to do certain things such as create rubble and vertex paint inside UDK which will be very helpful further down the line.

Overall I think the presentation went quite well and my feedback was good. At this time I'm confident I can complete the scene to a standard I am happy with. My only concern is my own time management in doing so. This will really be something I need to make sure I do. 

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