Friday, 15 February 2013

Material and prop updates

When I began to import my updated meshes into UDK I decided that creating a tiled texture for my models would be the better option. I thought that by doing this I could have a stone material as a base texture and then overlay it with textures unique to the model. It was then that I found out I could set up material instances which would let me create one master material which could then have parameters set up that I could apply each individual texture to. Below is my master material that features a parameter that is ready to have unique normal maps, diffuse's and specular's applied to each instance of the master material.

Tiled stone master material
At the moment I am just using these instances to overlay the ambient occlusions of each model but I will later set up parameters that will allow me to vertex paint on top of the models.
I also needed to create some props to fill the floor. I needed to scatter things such as papers, weapons and skeletons to help give the appearance of ruin and randomised aftermath. Originally I tried to make piles of paper that I could scatter about but it looked unnatural and pre-placed. In the end I created individual paper pieces that shared one texture which I could then place around the level more freely.

Old paper pile material

Updated paper material for individual pieces

Scattered pieces of paper on the floor

I also created a couple of weapons which I scattered around the scene as well as some larger props such as the crates, an obelisk and stone blocks. I also created a tiled cobweb texture which I could apply to some meshes that I created to act as cobwebs.

Tiled cobweb material
These began to fill the floor a lot more but I also needed to create some skeletons for the corpses on the floor.
To do this I created one overall skeleton and then changed the skull and armour to form two variations. One variation was a standard dwarven soldier and then the other was meant to be Ori, the scribe who is resting against the tomb stone.

Armoured dwarf and Ori

Dwarf for the well and Ori against the tomb stone

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