Friday, 12 April 2013

Easter break catch up and alpha presentation

During the Easter break I spent a lot of time catching up. I had fallen behind when optimising my low poly models as I had created so many variations which I had to each UV layout for bake tests. However by the time the alpha presentation came around I was feeling a little more optimistic about my level. I had created another high poly asset which was meant to be the huge structural damaged hole in the back wall. Although I had some issues with UDK not getting the most out of my normal map it did help to add a greater scope of depth to the level.

Back wall structural damage
As we are now in week 9 I presented my alpha presentation. These are the slides as well as my alpha cinematic of my scene.

Over these two slides I recapped what scene I had been working on.

I then showed some images of some of the focal points of my scene as well as some establishing shots which I had been focusing on. I then played my alpha cinematic.

My next slide covered some of the challenges I had faced, in particular scaling the level out as well as finding the balance for my geometry and my normal maps.

Next I explained what I had left to do and what in particular I wanted to focus on.

At the end of my slide I answered some questions about my progress and how I was going to complete my remaining focuses. The presentation itself went quite well I think. I didn’t receive any negative feedback and similar to my block out presentation, I was more offered advice on how to complete certain aspects and things to focus on.

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