Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stone material and runes update

In particular I have focused on my stone material and getting the runes onto the walls of my scene. To do this I used the xNormal plugin in Photoshop to create the normal map for the runes which I created by downloading a font and then typed out some of my blog as an Easter egg for the scene.
I then overlayed the normal maps together which I could then apply to the parameters of my material instances. I also managed to get some nice results from the specular maps as well. I ended up with a really nice stone material which I was really proud of.

Wall normal map with runes overlaying the cracks

Runes added to the walls
Another thing I did was lowered the Ambient occlusion maps which I had applied to my material instances. As well as doing this, I applied the normal maps from my high poly models to the material instance parameters and immediately began to see some changes in my material definition. The normal and specular maps were also working very well in bring out the detail of the cracks and damages on the pillars.

Normal and specular maps bringing out the damages on the pillars

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